Section 319 Project - Reimbursement Requests
This information is provided by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to assist the public and regulated community.
Form #: WAT136 Applications and Forms Revised: 11/5/20

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Setting Up the Worksheet: Begin on the Template tab by entering:

1) Project name and 319 project number (56-xxxx) at the top of the page.
2) Budget Categories (Personnel, Travel and Indirect Cost categories as listed in the approved Project Implementation Plan budget).
3) Beginning Budget Balances for 319 funds (column B) and matching funds (column F), (as listed in the approved Project Implementation Plan budget).
4) Sponsor Organization
5) Contact Name for Sponsor
6) Street Address or P.O. Box (whichever is preferred)
7) City, State, Zip Code

Sending in a Reimbursement Request:

Start at the "Request#1" tab for your first reimbursement request/matching report

1) Enter, at the top of the page, the period of time that reflects the reimbursement request.
2) Enter the 319 grant fund expenditures (in Column C) for which you are requesting reimbursement at this time.
3) Enter the matching funds (Column G) that have been expended during this time reimbursement period. If a category has no expenditure, enter zero.
4) Enter the date at the bottom of the form.
5) Print the form.
6) Sign the form. The form must be signed by the appropriate signatory authority.
7) Reimbursement Requests must be accompanied by a properly documented statement of costs and nonfederal match. From the project contract language, "The Sponsor will submit, no more often than monthly, a properly documented statement of costs for which reimbursement is sought AND report nonfederal match as claimed pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the approved PIP. The statement of costs shall be signed by the Sponsor’s authorized representative. For purposes of this agreement, reimbursable costs and nonfederal match claims shall be related to budget items as described in the approved project implementation plan. Documentation of costs shall consist of paid receipts, signed time records, spreadsheet/ledger, and or similar verification of expenditures. A description of the activities performed, in relation to reported match dollars, shall be included."
8) Scan the signed forms and documentation and email to

While submitting by email is preferable, when not possible you may submit by mail to:

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
Section 319 Water Quality Planning
PO Box 98922
Lincoln, NE 68509-8922

9) Use the "Request#2" tab for the second reimbursement request and so on for future requests. Follow the same procedure as for the first request.
10) All reimbursements are electronically deposited into the Project Sponsors' account within 30 days from the date of the invoice.