2022 Nebraska State Weatherization Assistance Program State Plan PY22-23
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Form #: 22-070 Guidance Documents Revised: 7/1/22

Executive Summary
The Nebraska State Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Plan for Program Year (PY) 2022-2023 serves as Nebraska’s approved application to the US Department of Energy (USDOE) for WAP funding

The NeWAP Weatherization Readiness Funding Plan (WRF) Average Cost per Unit (WRF ACPU) is $4,000.00. Units that exceed the WRF ACPU of $4,000 must receive approval from the NDEE on a case-by-case basis, prior to implementation.

The purpose of the Program is to install energy conservation measures in the homes of income-eligible persons, especially homes occupied by the elderly, persons with disabilities, and families with children. Funds are targeted to the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures, as determined by an on-site energy audit of the eligible building. The program helps to reduce national energy consumption and related emissions and lessens the impact of higher energy costs for low-income families. The program also improves the health and safety (H & S) of assisted households.

Nebraska relies on a network of seven (7) Subgrantee Community Action Partnerships (CAP) and one (1) non-profit agency, all which have an extensive experience in delivering weatherization and affordable housing services in their designated service areas. Subgrantees provide energy efficiency weatherization services using their own trained crews and by subcontracting work to qualified contractors.

Energy efficiency measures financed through the program can range from air sealing and insulating to replacement of heating systems. The program assists all types of housing units, including single- and multi-family housing, manufactured housing, and group homes. The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) will allocate program funds for the PY2022-2023 in accordance with this plan.




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