Natural Disaster Clean-Up Directory
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Form #: 14-012 Guidance Documents Revised: 2/22/23

Natural Disaster Clean-Up Directory

  • Appliances and White Goods: Not allowed in any landfill. Segregate from other waste, recycle if possible, or pay for disposal.
  • Asbestos: Contact Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Asbestos Program (402) 471-0386 for asbestos inspection and removal information prior to cleanup/disposal activities. Asbestos must be removed from any structure before disposal of associated building materials can occur.
  • Batteries: NDEE (402) 471-2186 Lead-Acid batteries are not allowed in any landfill. Smaller batteries should be recycled if possible, may be disposed in MSW landfill. Try to organize so ends do not contact and discharge, as it is a possible fire hazard.

  • Burning: Burning of any structure damaged by a natural disaster is generally not allowed. Burn permits issued locally are only intended for the burning of natural wood, trees, and brush. Nebraska State Statute allows for the burning of a structure to educate and train members of an organized fire department. Before any structure may be destroyed by fire it must be reported to the State Fire Marshal and a permit issued for that purpose. Nebraska State Fire Marshal: (402) 471-2027

  • Construction and Demolition Wastes: Collect and aggregate in a single area, remove all recyclable materials before disposal. This waste must be disposed of at a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Landfill, or a Construction and Demolition (C&D) Landfill.

  • Electronics: NDEE (402) 471-4186 Remove recyclable materials, dispose of at a MSW Landfill. Old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions and monitors from businesses must be handled as Hazardous Waste.

  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW): NDEE (402) 471-2186 Segregate from solid waste. If there is no HHW service or collection point available this waste may be disposed of at a MSW Landfill.

  • Industrial Hazardous Waste: Report all spills/releases to NDEE at (402) 471-2186, or (877) 253-2603, or after hours, holidays and weekends to Nebraska State Patrol Dispatch at (402) 471-4545. Contained wastes must be handled contained and disposed as per NE Title 128.

  • Infectious Waste: NDEE (402) 471-2183 Must be rendered non-infectious before disposal in a MSW Landfill. Often this material is handled by a Waste Service Provider that will render the waste non-infectious by incinerating the waste.

  • Municipal and Industrial Waste: NDEE (402) 471-2186 Must be disposed of at a MSW Landfill.

  • Oil and Oil Wastes: All spills over 25 gallons must be reported to NDEE at (402) 471-2186, or (877) 253-2603, or after hours, holidays, and weekends to Nebraska State Patrol Dispatch at (402) 471-4545. Contained oils must be recycled or properly disposed through a used oil marketer or waste service provider.

  • Scrap Metal: NDEE (402) 471-2186 Sheet metal, damaged large appliances, vehicles, etc. Professionally drain all fluids from vehicles, safely remove Freon from appliances, and prepare all scrap for safe recycling before disposal.

  • Tires: Tires are not allowed in any landfill. Segregate from other waste, wait for local tire collection day, or pay for disposal.

  • Trees, Brush and other Storm Debris: NDEE (402) 471-2186 Pile on site away from other solid waste, remove any treated wood. Transport to local permitted burn site, C&D Landfill, local temporary storm debris accumulation area, or obtain a burn permit through your local fire department for natural wood, trees and brush only.

  • General Questions: Contact NDEE at (402) 471-2186, Waste Management Section at (402) 471-4210, or the Environmental Compliance Assistant at (402) 471-8308.

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