Construction Documentation for Processing Facilities
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Form #: 06-195 Guidance Documents Revised: 12/7/16

This document provides guidance in preparing documentation for construction of solid waste processing facilities. In accordance with Title 132 – Integrated Solid Waste Management Regulations, Chapter 2, §009.05, an applicant for a permit must supply documentation verifying that the facility was constructed in accordance with the permit application prior to Department issuance of the permit. In general, the documentation should focus on features such as the foundations/footings, floor slab, access control structures, and containment structures, and include, but not be limited to:
  1. Certification that the facility was constructed in accordance with the approved application. (See attached certification form.)
  2. A general discussion of construction activity for all features of the facility. This should include dates of contraction, identification of parties involved in the construction and testing, etc.
  3. The results of any soils testing, if performed during construction. This information should focus on the results of moisture/density testing on the building pad, earthen containment structures, and utility trench backfill beneath the building pad.
  4. A discussion of earthwork procedures used during construction, such as information on types of equipment used, compaction scheme, moisture conditioning of soils, etc.
  5. The results of concrete compressive-strength test data, if available, from tipping floor, retaining wall, or other containment feature pours.
  6. Type, spacing and sealing of expansion and contraction joints in tipping floor.
  7. Retaining wall and containment structure construction, if available.
  8. Access control features at the site.
  9. A discussion on drainage structures and surface water runoff control describing storm water and leachate management.
  10. The results of any other construction inspections made on elements of the structure including the results of reinforcing bar inspections, foundation observations, etc.

New facilities should provide documentation on items #1 through #10 that verifies the facility was constructed according to the permit application. This documentation should be provided following written permission from the Department to construct and after all construction has been completed.

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Certification of Construction Completion of Solid Waste Processing Facilities Form is inside the PDF above.