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SARA Title III:  Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know

Last updated January 4, 2018

NDEE provides assistance to those facilities subject to the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA), also known as SARA Title III.

What is EPCRA/SARA Title III, and what are the reporting requirements?
EPCRA's primary purpose is to inform communities and citizens of chemical hazards in their areas.

Annual Reporting On-Line: Businesses are required to report the locations and quantities of chemicals stored on-site to state and local governments in order to help communities prepare to respond to chemical spills and similar emergencies. This reporting is required annually, from January 1 to March 1, and can be done on-line by clicking on the link below and selecting “Enter Tier II Form Submission System.”

Businesses who are required to report this information should have received a postcard from NDEE that included the necessary information to complete the on-line reporting. If you cannot find or did not receive this information, please contact the NDEE Tier II representative at (402) 471-2186.
Responders and public access to information: The public and local responders can access information about the chemicals stored at facilities within Nebraska towns by going to the link above and selecting “Search for Tier II Reporting Facilities”.

Who needs to submit Tier II information annually?

A facility in Nebraska is required to submit a Tier II report if listed hazardous substances are present at any one time during the preceding calendar year at the facility in amounts either equal to or greater than amounts established by EPA. NDEE sends reminder postcard (with facility identification numbers and passwords) to facilities subject to those regulations every January, or facilities can also use the form on our web’s Online NDEE Tier II System (see link above).

Annual reporting requirements listed in Sections 311-312 of EPCRA include:
  • an annual report listing the hazardous chemicals present at 10,000 pounds, or above the threshold planning quantity at the facility,
  • an annual quantitative report of the listed chemicals, and
  • an annual facility inventory report of toxic chemicals manufactured, stored or used, and the amounts released to the environment by the specific media

Click here for more information about Section 311-312 Tier II reporting requirements.

Click here for more information about Section 313 Toxic Release Inventory annual reporting requirements

Other Reporting Requirements

Other aspects that need to be reported to NDEE include:
Who to contact:

Questions regarding reporting requirements or the content of the report should be directed to: Terri Blunk, EPA Region VII, at 913-551-7013

Questions regarding facility ID numbers and passwords should be directed to (402) 471-2186.

Additional information about reporting requirements and contacts can be found on the Section 311-312 Tier II reporting requirements page.