Administrative Orders - 2016
The following is a list of administrative orders that have been issued by the Director of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy. A copy of the administrative order sets out the Department’s allegations and the compliance required to correct those violations. The recipient of an administrative order may contest the order under the Nebraska Administrative Procedures Act.

This is not a complete list of all administrative orders. The Department intends to update this list as administrative orders are issued. This list is provided for general information purposes only. More information about individual cases may be available by submitting a written public record request to the Department’s Record Manager.

Date Facility Administrative Order

Pacific Cast Stone, Inc.

Don and Carol Stewart, Dennis L. Van Housen, and VanHousen Farms, LLC (a.k.a. Van Housen Farms, LLC)

RE: Former Polk Oil & Supply
SizeFile Name
263 KB Polk Order.pdf

Pacific Ethanol Aurora West LLC
SizeFile Name
302 KB Pacific Ethanol Aurora.pdf

City of Crofton WWTF
SizeFile Name
207 KB Crofton CD.pdf

Midwest Renewable Energy

Schmidt Transportation & Roger Schmidt

Leo and Judith Porter
SizeFile Name
66 KB Porter Amended CO.pdf

Trenton Agri Products
SizeFile Name
57 KB Trenton AgriProd.pdf

Broken Bow Dairy
SizeFile Name
394 KB Broken Bow Dairy.pdf

L & M Young, LLC
SizeFile Name
193 KB L&M Young, LLC.pdf

William Lehr
SizeFile Name
159 KB Lehr.pdf

Trenton Agri Products
SizeFile Name
198 KB Trenton Agri Products.pdf