Judicial Cases - 2007
The following is a list of final judicial enforcement actions that have been filed on behalf of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy. Generally, these enforcement actions have been resolved with either a consent decree, which is a settlement agreed to by the parties and approved by the judge, or with a decision issued by the presiding judge after a trial. A copy of the complaint, which sets out the Department’s allegations, and the final resolution document are provided.

This is not a complete list of all Department enforcement actions. The Department intends to update this list as we receive notice of final resolution of enforcement cases. This list is provided for general information purposes only. More information about individual cases may be available by submitting a written public record request to the Department’s Record Manager.

Date Signed by Judge Final Enforcement Actions Involving: County

November 27, 2007
Conagra International Fertilizer
District Court of Adams County
SizeFile Name
572 KB ConAgra C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
165 KB ConAgra CD.pdf

November 20, 2007
F & S Feedlot, Inc.
SizeFile Name
358 KB F & S Feedlot C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
504 KB F & S Feedlot CD.pdf

October 3, 2007
Cooperative Producers
SizeFile Name
512 KB Coop Producers C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
580 KB Coop Producers CD.pdf

September 5, 2007
Armstrong Wood Products
SizeFile Name
649 KB Armstrong C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
204 KB Armstrong CD.pdf

August 24, 2007
Dahlgren Cattle Co.
SizeFile Name
193 KB Dahlgren C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
202 KB Dahlgren order.pdf

August 14, 2007
A & S Concrete Recycling
SizeFile Name
367 KB A & S Concrete C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
35 KB A & S Order.pdf

August 9, 2007
Sahling Kenworth, Inc.
SizeFile Name
440 KB Kenworth C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
93 KB Kenworth CD.pdf

August 3, 2007
Telex Communications, Inc.
SizeFile Name
603 KB Telex C.pdf
Final Resolution
SizeFile Name
124 KB Telex CD.pdf

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